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If moonscript would be included, can we make it optional? (a function on the beginning: include moonscript or sth)

A big draw to pico8 and/or TIC for me as a new programmer is lua, because it is pretty simple, well documented and popular enough that I can google problems with relative ease.

Moonscript seems a bit more complex from what I see.

Of course moonscript would be optional. TIC like PICO-8 rely on LUA to work.

moonscript is a language that gets converted into LUA to work. (similar to typescript -> javascript or coffeescript -> javascript or Scala -> Java, ...). As such all functions defined in LUA can be used in moonscript (no additional implementation work on that side). However you cannot do an include("moonscript") because the syntax is different than LUA. We should define a comment tag to specify the use of moonscript instead.

Moonscript as it is more complex than LUA shouldn't be the default choice, I agree. But moonscript is also interresting for TIC (and PICO-8) because it requires less lines to do the same things as LUA. And since the screen size is limited, it would help a lot on big project for advanced programmers.