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made an acc to say that im in love with this game (more like all of your games) & the art style is SO spicy

im in love with may i s2g,,, the hope ending was so sweet?? i love how realistic and immersive the writing is and may even talks about wanting to write her own game with psychological/relatable elements while im like bro... so about that 20k word long hp fic... 

but really i wanted to actually hug may at one point and i applaud you for making me so attached to a character so quickly. that shit is bomb af. and coming from a chinese family i felt that may... sometimes it's still difficult to be happy even if you know that your own parents have been through much worse from their own childhoods. hard to know if my own family loves me too since it's not even a thing to show affection in our culture. 

ntm i almost cried at The Scene considering how much it reminded me of me and my own friends man

anyhow good job on making me gay for a character in 0.2 seconds