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Hello IMLXH, this plugin is neat. I've used it in the past to test some things and it was amazing. Today when I tried to do some wacky stuff with it again i get no sound when importing a file and pressing the play button. I do se the visualizer moving but I can't get sound out of it. I also don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the rec function with the save file is not working either. I'm using Win10 x64.

Any clue of what might be the issue?

It could be related to having multiple audio outputs/drivers? Vaporgene uses the Max runtime and maybe it's pointed itself at a different audio driver, like ASIO or something. I don't currently have much of a way to check right now as my Windows machine is currently out of commission, but see if going into system audio settings and making sure that the computer speakers are the default helps at all.