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Some feedback:

- Mapping interaction on both space and enter is really convenient

- Pressing S to sit down is a nice touch

- Options menu is surprisingly fluid and offers more options than I'd usually expect (especially from an alpha); the UI overall is very satisfying to navigate through, and highly legible

- R/T/Y for combat functions feels very strange, especially when paired with WASD; I attempted to remap them in options to more familiar settings but was unable to (I suspect a limitation of GM more than design?)

- Chromatic distortion and letterboxing effect upon death is really neat

- Animations + screen FX are really smooth and go a long way to enhancing the feeling of the combat

- Combat feels chaotic at times and difficult to navigate, although I suspect a large part of this is due to the aforementioned foreignness of the controls; I suspect once the player gets used to them it'll begin to feel a lot more accessible

- Parry and attack patterns feel suitably impactful 

- Stamina bar has a tendency to blend into the backdrop a bit, but looks really good and is pleasant to read, especially with the flash effect on consumption

- The Sigil itself is really neat visually (not really feedback but is that shit being animated mathematically with primitive draws???) 

- Using the mouse to select a character feels abrupt since the mouse, as far as I'm aware, isn't used in other places; nonetheless it's implemented well

- The narrative framing of the kid playing alone as a means of dealing with a distant family and especially father(?) is interesting, and does a good job reframing the action

- I personally found the text effects a bit too much, but that's probably just a personal thing

I got stuck on the character select screen and couldn't progress any further in the story: I selected the Crusader, clicked Confirm, but it didn't do anything.

All in all though I think the game has a really strong presentation and, if it weren't for the controls, which I personally found to be unfamiliar to the point of (mild) frustration, the gameplay would be similarly on par with the audio and visuals. Really nice job with it so far, looking forward to seeing some more environments in the future!