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Thank you for your help!

I've actually read about the scaling and rounding issue on various other forums, but couldn't really wrap my head around it. This is how I set up the room:

And this is the view:

For the x and y placement of the textbox, I've used the round() function, because I thought that would solve the problem, but it doesn't so far. However, even though this bugs me a lot, I consider this to be a minor cosmetic flaw at the moment and will try to focus on other more important things.

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Yeah definitely a minor issue particularly for a game jam. I suddenly have a feeling that this happened to me when the width and height of my sprites were not multiples of 8, so maybe see if the window you're building is a multiple of 8 pixels?

-Edit- Maybe it was for sprites with odd height/width instead of even. Multiples of 8 may not be the exact problem, but I don't really remember at the moment.

I will definitely look into this tomorrow. I need a computer break now haha!