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Can someone help, I’m Doing the bar job where you mix drinks, and I can’t make a “sweet with cherry” drink. Anyone have the recipes?


Literally all you have to do is find a sweet drink in the book- make it and add a cherry to it

Well I only had 2 drinks that were sweet and it never worked. But I switched to my main pc and it worked better, I believe the game messed up because I was using my surface pro 3 to run it.after I switched I’ve had no problems, loads much faster.

So it's more of a platform issue? Good to know.

"sweet with cherry" means you have to add the cherry, using cherry syrup is not enough. Maybe that's what went wrong? I did that wrong.

well idk, because I added the separate cherry even with the sweets but nothing worked. Idk what was up with it but it’s fixed now