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Connect with's community of over 100,000 developers to find your next candidate.

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The right audience for you is a community of game developers, game designers, artists, musicians and other creative independents who are actively publishing their work. Our job board will help you get your job listing in front of those people.

Track and monitor your progress

Your listing comes with analytics on how often people view your page, click apply, and how many times has displayed a link to your listing. If our built in analytics aren't enough you can add your own Google Analytics tracking ID.

Swap out listings as you fill roles

Create as many listings as you want, and publish those you've purchased slots for. If you fill a role then you can swap it out with another job post without having to purchase a new slot. You can even experiment with different posts to find the one that converts the best.

Make your job discoverable

Jobs have a rich set of classifications to describe responsibilities, location, and requirements of the position. Candidates can narrow down their search by tags or location to find your post.

Introductory offer

In celebration of the launch of our job board, all job listing slots are 50% off our base price. Grab the discount while it's available.

Pricing$200.00$100.00per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

Want more information? Here's how it works:

  1. Design your post(s) — Provide your job title, company, description, responsibilities, tags, and more. You can supply an email address or URL for the candidate to apply to.
  2. Purchase a slot — To publish a post you need to obtain a slot, you can buy any number of slots.
  3. Publish the post — Newly published posts will be placed on the top of the job board.
  4. See how it performs — Use our analytics page to track views, clicks and impressions. Make adjustments to optimize your post.