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Partners & Affiliates's Partner & Affiliate program is a collection of tools for those who create content focused on games and other media. It provides:

  • A way to verify your identity on — Link your Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, email, etc. — So creators can confidently give review copies to trusted people in the community
  • Access a large collection of paid games (the partner library) that have opted into the partner system for free access
  • A partner profile page that shows your publications, accounts, and contributions
  • Affiliate codes — Tag your links to attribute purchases to your account

If you create reviews, videos, articles, streams, zines, or other publications or works of media about games (or anything else on then we're interested in you!

If you're a developer who wants to opt your work into the partner library then head to your account settings.

How to get a partner account

If you'd like to use affiliate codes and get a partner profile page then all you need to do is fill out an application and you'll be approved automatically.

If you're looking to access our partner library of games (paid games for free) then we'll need to approve your account. We expect you to already have a website, channel, stream, or publication before you apply.

If you're looking to get started we recommend the large amount of of free games already on that you can cover without a special account.

Start your application or Contact support with any questions