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Agario demake that fits in two tweets!
Submitted by galactical — 5 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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p={}l=64x=61y=l::_::b=btn()r=rnd cls(7)a=all if(#p<4)add(p,{x=0,y=0,s=9}) z=(b\2%2-b%2)/p[1].s*3w=(b\8%2-b\4%2)/p[1].s*3if(p[1].x==0)x-=z y-=w for n in a(p)do if(n.s>l)run() if n!=p[1]then if n.s==9then n.s=r(10)+2c=1v=1if(r(2)<1)c=-1 if(t)v=-1 n.x=c*l n.y=v*l end while n.t==nil do for m in a(p)do t=r(2)<1if(t and m!=n)n.t=m end end n.x-=z+sgn(n.x-n.t.x)/n.s*3n.y-=w+sgn(n.y-n.t.y)/n.s*3end circfill(n.x+l,n.y+l,n.s,8)for m in a(p)do if(sqrt((m.x-n.x)*(m.x-n.x)+(m.y-n.y)*(m.y-n.y))<n.s+m.s and m.s>n.s)m.s+=n.s n.t=nil del(p,n)end end?"⌂",x,y,6 flip()goto _

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