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Submitted by rzzl_dzzl — 5 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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function i()d,s,p,e,x,g,h,c,l=r(2),1,0,false,250,1,22,0,240 end function a()x=250 d=r(2)end i()
function TIC()cls(c)circ(50,68,30,14)circ(40,56,5,c)print(p,200,0)print(h,0,0)if e then tri(50,68,80,60,80,76,c)end
for i=0,6 do line(l+40*i,0,l+40*i,180,8)end if g==1 then c=p//300%5 if btnp(4)then e=not e end
p=p+1 s=1+p/1000 x=x-s l=(l-s)%40 if p%60==1 then h=math.floor(h-1*s) end circ(x,68,5,4+d)
if h>0 then if x<84 then if not e then a()
else if d==1 then h=h+10 else h=h-10 end a() end end
else g=0 end else if btnp(4)then i()g=1 end end end

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Neat game. I included it in my TweetTweetJam 2 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I'm not familiar with TIC-80, but can't you do `r=math.random` like in regular Lua?

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks, it works. Now I have additional 24 characters! So, it's time to add some stripes.