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A How-To Zine about Tabletop RPG Design
A guide and templates for making your Itch pages look awesome.
A multi-function content, consent, and safety toolbox for collaborative creation and gameplay.
Creative Commons GM-less Oracle for Tabletop RPGs
a dice typeface for analog games
A template/design tool for zine making.
y'all keep talking about TTRPGS bein therapy but w no methodology let's fix that
Templates and Guides for Blades Fan Creations
An Affinity Publisher and Illustrator template for creating a classic mini zine with 1 sheet of paper
My entry to the TTRPG Resource Jam of 2020
Templates for creating Quest RPG content
A deck of design lenses for designing and playtesting ttrpgs or other physical games
Over 200 swooshes, splotches, and other watercolor design assets for your next project!
A guide to creating a one-page ttrpg.
An SRD for creating Guided by the Sun games
Some tips and tricks for editing when you can't hire one, and what to expect when you can!
High-res JPG, PNG, and PDF splatters free to use
an incomplete guide to creating a kickstarter campaign.
Games: Unruly Rending, Piping Sense: A collection of Game Design Anti-Advice
A Collection Of Image Templates To Help You Promote Your Game
An MS Word template for creating an A5 zine for Troika! content.
MS Word, Affinity, and Googledoc trifold pamphlet templates
a lyric game generator for your game generating needs
A design resource to bring clarity to your PbtA game procedures.
Affinity Publisher + A. InDesign (one-page micro-TTRPG template)
A Collection Of Affirmations To Help You Create With Confidence
Solo Engine with Dungeon Crawler App
Role Playing
An introspection on writing TTRPG with depression and anxiety
An incomplete list of stuff to try to make your writing suck less so you write good
One page of handy links for first-time designers.
where do games /art come from?
[EN/FR] ebook creation guide: from textfile to epub
A template for creating basic Kickstarter budgets tailored for the indie tabletop RPG community
Run in browser
Two articles covering commonly asked questions and tactics on Kickstarter
CORE produces emergent stories that are character-driven, dynamic, and unpredictable
A digital deck of playing cards and a browser-editable "oracle" table.
Run in browser
a lite typeface for minor and major arcana (WIP)
A quick set of advice for making your own SRD
Give the characters in your RPG direction and purpose!
How Might You Help Your Graphic Artists Capture the Heart of Your a Single Image?
LibreOffice Templates to create custom Black Hack class types
Learn how to offer a Bits-and-Mortar-like experience for folks that buy the physical version of your game.
a dingbat typeface that lets you type faces!
A handy-dandy generator/prompt for making micro-RPGs
Step by step process for funding your game without paying out of pocket or using Kickstarter
Kickstarter Creatives Checklist - Pre-Campaign Launch
a reflection & consideration of violence in RPGs
DrivethruRPG's submission system is byzantine and overcomplicated. I'm going to teach you to navigate it.