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How to submit: Submission Guidelines

A topic by duckytape created Jan 21, 2017 Views: 169
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Please make sure you have done this

How to submit:

  1. You can either create a game through your account and jump to step 3. or go to
  2. Click "Submit your game" > "Create Game"
  3. Fill out all fields on the form as best you can.
    • Your release status is most likely "Prototype". Please only select something else if you really believe your game is at that level. A good question to ask yourself is "Would I distribute this on my platforms distribution systems?" or "Would I purchase this game myself if I saw this?"
    • Please make sure you correctly assign what platform your game works on. If it is mobile tick mobile. If it only works on a certain operating system please make sure that is known.
    • Please select "disable all payments" on this form. We are happy for you to continue work on your game after the jam as long as if you re-upload it, not as part of the jam, and keep some copies of just the files of what you did at the jam.
    • The description is IMPORTANT!!! Please see below for guidelines
    • Make sure the game is set to PUBLIC under the "Published" option, as you won't be able to submit to the jam otherwise!
    • You cannot edit your jam submission after the deadline, however you can edit your uploaded game and resubmit to the jam as many times as you like, up to submission close.
  4. PROOF READ YOUR SUBMISSION. Edit as needed and proceed when you are satisfied (enough ;P)
  5. Click "Save & View Page"
  6. Go back to
  7. Hit "Submit your game"
  8. Select the game you would like to submit and add a link to any supporting materials (blogs, videos etc) and submit!
  9. Congrats You have submitted!

(If you need to make changes to your submitted game before submissions close, upload the new version to your game page and then make sure you submit it to the jam again, using the steps above from step 6.)

What to include in your Submission!

Game files

Make sure you have all your files ready to be uploaded.There are many ways to do this, the simplest is if your files just need to be downloaded to run you can submit a zip file for players to download. Alternatively if you are able to upload the following options your game can play in browser;

  • flash game (.swf files)
  • javascript (.jar files)
  • unity 3D (.unity3d files)
  • html files

There are many different formats for uploading a game. If you are unsure, feel free to talk to organisers, volunteers and mentors.

Description Guidelines

The description box in the submission process is where EVERYTHING (other than your game) will go. We recommend drafting a document before submitting to avoid any data loss and to help you flesh out your ideas more fully and coherently. You are welcome to also submit this document (as it will probably be nicely formatted and you can include pretty pictures and graphics). However we would appreciate if you could at least copy & paste all relevant text content into this section too. This guarantees judges will be able to view it.

Below is a set of strongly recommended guidelines of content you should include in the description. Not including any of the below could interfere with fully evaluating your game for judging. Of course you are welcome to submit even more as well!

  • What is your game? If we couldn't play it what would you tell us about it? get us excited to play! Show us where you wanted this game to go even if it's only a prototype at the moment.
  • Where did the idea come from? Talks us through your brainstorming processes, what ideas did you come up with and build upon?
  • How did you address the themes and keyword of the jam? "Double Dissolution"
  • Gameplay Instructions! We understand you may not have got a chance to implement a tutorial for your game, so tell us how to play here! Outline all the important mechanics and controls for the player,
  • Download, install and run instructions. How best to download, install and run your game so people can play!
  • Feel free to upload any (and many!) pictures to help illustrate your description documentation.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK THEM. You can post in this thread, or talk to organisers, mentors and volunteers. We will update this post over time to answer all questions as fully as we can, as well as reply individually.