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A jam submission


IEEE GameSIG 2022 / SGDA Summit 2022 Showcase Build
Submitted by Mechwolf — 7 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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Any control or technical requirements? (controller, number of players, etc.)
It is a local PvP game for 2 so if the host would like to have another co-host to play it with them, that would work pleasantly.

Alternatively, you can use Parsec ( which is a remote access software that is now owned by Unity to either access the game on my end or allow me (or the remote co-host) to access the game on the host's end (which may be the better of the two because re-streaming it via discord would hurt the stream quality).

Once the intro cutscene ends, determine who goes first, then click 1, 2 or 3 key to select/toggle a character. From here hit the H key to view onscreen instructions although I will be happy to deliberate on how the game is played (its played like a 3rd person shooter, but is a turn-based target lock style strategy game -- WASD movement, RMB to lock on a target in range, and LMB to fire) and then using TAB to end your turn and swap to the other player.

Please note any known bugs or unfinished content to be aware of
Some UI bugs when ending your turn and latency caused by remote access can double key stroke which may roll over the turns multiple times however this usually does not disrupt gameplay!

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