Submissions open from 2022-03-01 08:00:00 to 2022-06-01 07:00:00
Submissions due in

Interested in showing your game at the SGDA Summit student ganes showcase? Submit it here! Please read all of the following information to help you understand the submission process. We will accept submissions from March 1st to June 1st 2022. 

You can join the Summit Discord here: Feel free to ask any questions and an officer will help you as soon as possible. If you're having any difficulties submitting or need to submit after the deadline for whatever reason, please contact Anooj Vadodkar (ArchangelDawn#0825 on Discord) or email the team at


Things will be slightly different from previous remote SGDA Showcases. In previous years, only a handful of games were selected to be presented on stream. This year, all games that meet the guidelines will be presented in a special virtual showcase. From there, creators can enter their games into a pool from which we will select games to showcase on stream. This allows us to show off more of your games and lets you select whether or not you wish to enter to have your game discussed live on stream. 

All developers, regardless whether you want to show your game-on stream, can opt into the SGDA Summit 2022 mini-grant of minimum $100. This will be awarded to the team/individual with an exemplary showcase game. The recipient of the award is decided by the SGDA committee, and will be announced during the Summit.  We will potentially have more mini-grants based on our funding. 

Content Guidelines:

  • No racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, NSFW content
  • Content must be submitted by its creator(s)
  • No promotion of external events, businesses, etc. (School/club spirit is fine!)

To submit your game to the showcase, please submit:

  • Your Game
  • Your Contact Information
  • An Image representing your game
  • Your game’s Title
  • A short Description/Blurb about your game (3-4 sentences)
  • A link to your game’s Download/Storepage website (if applicable)
  • Your School/Club’s Name

To enter your game for a chance to be presented on the live stream, additionally submit:

  • “Why is this game important to you/your organization?”
  • “What is a question you’re dying to answer about your game?”
  • Adherence to the Twitch terms of service

Submissions close on 6/1/22! We will be sending out results on 6/13/22! For more information, please review our FAQ.


Does the build I submit have to be finished?

  • Not at all! We don’t expect your game to be finished by the deadline, but we do expect it to be playable enough for us to judge whether or not it meets the content guidelines. Bugs or unfinished content won’t be held against your game for selection. We will request for selected games to send in any final builds by 6/20/22. 

How will games be selected to be on stream? 

  • SGDA is making an effort not to judge games only by polish or amount of content. We will be factoring in the uniqueness, meaning, and impact of the games’ content and/or creators. We hope that in this way we can include smaller teams and less experienced developers.  

What happens if my game is selected to be part of the virtual showcase?

  • Once we review submissions, we will coordinate with all applicants to finalize their game information and graphic(s) to be shown on the showcase webpage and on stream in-between events. 

What happens if my game is selected to be on stream?

  • We will invite you onto the stream for an interview regarding your game. We will be in contact with you to request further information/graphics if necessary, review our livestream guidelines, and arrange a timeslot for your game’s segment. Time slots of each segment will be at least 30 minutes (length pending). We may also perform a tech check and request any updated builds before 6/20/22.