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Does your project need audio? Strawberry audio? Custom, unique, interactive, audio?

A topic by Harry created Jan 29, 2019 Views: 45 Replies: 3
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My name is Harry Pepe IV and I am a composer and sound designer out of Seattle, Washington.

I am currently seeking projects to join. My styles and aesthetic are strongly; fantasy, orchestral, environmental, roaming, ambient, introspective, drone, dark, horror, etc. I have a beautiful library of sounds to sculpt audio with for your next project. I use FMOD to creatively build interactive audio logic, allowing for a dynamic play through every time.

You can view my demo reel on my website IV Score

Contact me either here,  at,  or on Twitter @IVscore. Let's do this!


is this for the game jam? Also thanks but i have no projects im working on rn that need audio!

It was for the game jam, yes.

Ok, no worries!


no it doesnt NEED audio but it increases your chances of winning