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postcardpoet rated a map-and-story game 3 hours ago
A downloadable map-and-story game.
postcardpoet rated a storytelling game 3 hours ago
A downloadable storytelling game.
PotentNeurotoxin rated a storytelling game 19 hours ago
A downloadable storytelling game.
Bannerless Games rated a Affinity Template 5 days ago
A downloadable Affinity Template.

Greatly helpful in putting together my list of unofficial scores, which remains a top seller and is something I'm personally quite pleased with. Thank you so much for this.

RJKGames rated a feverdream 7 days ago
A downloadable feverdream.
A downloadable game.
codeswitch rated a experience 9 days ago
A downloadable experience.

This was a really fun one. I used this game to flesh out part of a larger story. The prompts do a wonderful job at building in tension and the suspense of real randomness. Both my character and I were kept guessing at what was going to happen, which was cool! I enjoyed that the game promotes both action and introspection; it's a nice mixture.

I drew three Aces and three Kings pretty well as the Joker, which makes it easy to get the most favorable outcome. I actually ignored it and kept playing for more of a mixed outcome, which felt more true to the story by that point.

The only drawback is that as another commenter mentioned, there are many places where the grammar could be fixed: perhaps have a beta reader or editor look over it? It's noticeable but mostly doesn't get in the way of understanding the text.

A downloadable game.
A downloadable game.
AlchemyYetti rated a modular RPG 10 days ago
A downloadable modular RPG.
sheerchaos rated a game 11 days ago
A downloadable game.
zeddounet rated a Double-Zine 12 days ago
A downloadable Double-Zine.
zeddounet rated a modular RPG 13 days ago
A downloadable modular RPG.
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