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Hold your breath.
Funky Cat Simulator. Everybody wants to be a cat!
Role Playing
Short Virtual Reality experience for those new to VR - Shayla Games VR Jam 2015.
- or down?
An evil lumberjack has imprisoned Pinocchio in a cabin, you need to use your naughty nose to find your way out.
Arduino bike with Oculus VR
Destroy those enemies or heal with flowers?
Role Playing
This little guy will help you to experience elevators like never before ever!
go to the desert after lunch to eat dessert
Nighttime fishing.
Collect as many gems as you can in a minute while locked into a social network!
Gear VR Consept w. Bee (for Shayla Games)
Excitment and remake of the classic
A VR jam platformer about a cat with seasonal affective disorder. Use Oculus DK2 and escape the seasons.
Role Playing
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