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I Make music for Hypercasual games Sound/Sfx contractual experience

A topic by EyesAndArrows created Aug 28, 2021 Views: 141
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Hi, I've been producing music for nearly a decade and playing it for more than 15. 
I have experience making soundtracks and sfx under contract for game developers predominantly in the mobile space so this jam is well suited to me haha. Contact me on discord @Nice meme#8007

This Soundcloud profile has examples of some of the soundtracks that I've made for games in the past, and if you contact me I can send more / examples of SFX that I've made. I would prefer not to work with devs that are particularly new / beginners - as my creative process takes some 20-40 hours, and I'd like to dedicate my time to a team that I know can deliver given that jams are unpaid.