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A jam submission

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Think & play outside the game.
Submitted by syrupy — 6 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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Am I in a game?'s page

When was this project originally started? (Year; Optional)
Early January, then abandoned.

What was the original vision of your game project and how it turned out now once you resurrected it? (Optional)
Have had the idea of a game like this that would require players to think outside the box and think outside the game to solve it. Was abandoned because I don't know if there will be many people who can solve games like this without any help. Now that I finished the project anyway, we will see if people can solve & finish the game.

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I really enjoyed the careless design and the whole concept.
Sadly, I didn't manage to solve every riddles, I guess that means the turtle is right.


Glad you liked the concept, and thanks for playing!

In case you're still interested in solving the game, the latest update has slightly more clues in the dialogues (although I don't know if they would actually help).

Otherwise, probably the turtle is right after all like you said.🙂

So what do you do, use cheat engine? Did the go in and out of the window thing, couldn't figure out how to teleport le turt.


No, you don’t need to use Cheat Engine. There are probably other things you still need to do (something creative like the first time you shown him he’s in a game, but different). Once you have completed all the steps, you can get out from there. Good luck!😉



Good job!🙂