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A little late.. but check out what we did!

A topic by megcurdy created Sep 10, 2017 Views: 85 Replies: 1
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So a quick introduction to the team that worked together on this! There is Ørjan, Megan, Maemi, and Nom. Ørjan is the programmer, technical artist AND animator, Megan is the 3D artist and animator, Maemi is the music producer, and Nom is an animator! 

Unfortunately we were unable to finish this game jam game, our idea was a bit out of scope. However it wasn't all for nothing! First and foremost, we made really great new friends. This is a friendship that will be moving forward from here, as we all decided to keep working together! We plan to take what we made here and form it into something new. A dream game that we are really excited about, but more on that later!

The game jam game we wanted to finish was a game about a little girl who as she is painting discovers that with her paintbrush she can bring color and happiness to the world.  She goes out into a world of black and white and with the swing of her paintbrush she brings the world to life! However it's not always that simple. There are enemies that she needs to battle that won't be defeated easily and quests that need to be accomplished before happiness and color can truly fill the land. 

CONCEPT ART: (by Megan)

3D ART AND ANIMATION: (3D art and animation by Megan, Ørjan did the idle/run/walk/dodge animations for the main character, Nom did the happy animation for the Bird and idle / walk animation for the Tortoise!)


SO MUCH PROGRAMMING...: (by Ørjan) which is a hard one to show but he did a really amazing job with AI and everything else, you'll just have to take my word for it!

LOVELY MUSIC: (by Meami)

Overall we are all really proud of what we did and we hope you all enjoy our work! If you do, you can support us by following our next project together! We'll be posting devlogs on our new Tumblr page: 

Also Follow us on Twitter at @fazeforce, @megcurdy, @Maemi_no_yume, @PolygaNom !

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You all did some amazing work! The concept art looks absolutely adorable and the supplied models totally capture that charm. The music feels pretty exceptional and very developed, especially for only having a couple of weeks or so to tweak. The village theme especially feels like it would be at home in any good old fashioned JPRG village made by a top-end studio. It's a shame we can't see the coding and animation work from Ørjan, but I am intimately familiar with scope exceeding time and have little doubt that what was made was also spot-on. I hope you guys have fun and wish you great luck on your gamedev journey together! <3