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The Queer Games Bundle is back for its second year! This is an initiative to collaboratively support as many queer indie/micro/art devs and makers as possible.

The bundle will run June 1 - June 30, 2022 during Pride Month, through  Bundle entries are open March 3 until May 3!

To enter, please:
1.) join this game jam (optional)
2.) fill out this form (required) ***entry period is over, thank you!***


Any artist, game dev, or maker who identifies as queer in some way and has a game on that players can play should join! This includes browser games, downloadable games, tabletop games, interactive fiction, zines, and even games that are already free. 

~You can enter totally new games, recent ones, or old ones~

The goal is to support queer creators and celebrate the diversity of their games!


✧The Bundle 
The entire bundle will be sold on at $60 (with a Pay What You Can edition sold for $10-$20+) and all funds will be evenly distributed between contributors. We hope 100s of makers join! 

(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ )

The Queer Games Bundle is pro-community and anti-competition, and strives to work outside the restrictive bounds of the "games industry." 

Last year, the bundle earned almost $150,000 USD, which was evenly split between almost 200 game devs and artists.

Have questions or want to participate? Join the game jam and fill out this form or email us at!

We're happy to have you~
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We have received a variety of questions this year that we would like to address here. 

• I would like to participate in the bundle and not receive funds.

Many folks requested this last year, so we added it to the entry form!

• I have a project on from several years ago. Can I still enter it?

We want to support as many ACTIVE queer game developers as possible. While we accept older games into the bundle, please consider opting out of receiving funds to support artists who are actively making new work and games. It is for the good of the bundle to continue to be fresh. This is important! Please use good judgment.

• I am a game dev with multiple accounts. Can I enter multiple games under more than one account?

Please only enter games under one account. This is due to how the funds from bundle sales will be evenly distributed between every account. Again, use good judgment - we want to support as many active devs as possible.

If you have a question or concern about this, please don’t hesitate to email us at Before entering a form with multiple accounts, please reach out to us first : )

• I am a game developer under the age of 18. Can I participate?

The Queer Games Bundle 2022 will contain games with adult themes. Unfortunately, developers must be over the age of 18 this year.

• I have made a game on with appropriated assets from published video games (for example, Nintendo sprites). Is it okay to enter?

If your game borrows copyrighted assets (sprites, art, characters, music), please enter another project into the bundle. We still want you to participate! But we also must protect the bundle from any possible legal issues.

• I’m not a queer person but I would like to support the Queer Games Bundle.

Please share the game jam with any queer devs or artists you think might be interested in it! Buy and share the bundle when it is live on in June! This is a completely grassroots and word-of-mouth project - we appreciate your support!