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A jam submission

Under The InfluenceView game page

A Murder Mystery Visual Novel
Submitted by LeviathanDesigns — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Story#43.8183.818
Best Use of Theme#53.5453.545
Best Game Design#103.5453.545
Best Graphics#143.8183.818
Most Comedic#311.4551.455

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Interesting story. I included it in my PowerPoint Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Haha thank you for playing it, I think it wasn’t working properly because it wasn’t in PowerPoint itself, you could mouse over items in the scene to have a pop up message to give clues etc. The phone lock with the ‘1’ was a bug that I patched in the newest version linked in this comment section. I hope you enjoyed it and found my eastereggs ;)


An interesting murder mystery scenario. It's mainly a kinetic novel, with no branching paths for your actions, I did like the interrogation, where you had a few options on what to say to the Boyfriend. The mini-game when the lawyer is present was an interesting way to change up the gameplay, though I found it was possible to circumvent it almost entirely by just right clicking and moving the mouse to the next part whilst the slide was paused.

Aside from a few minor bugs that I encountered through my playthrough, the game functioned perfectly, and based on updates by the author, seem to have been fixed on the newest version of the game.


Very interesting detective story, beautiful cartoon graphics. But gameplay lacks a bit. I found some misspells. Manual says that you can mouse over on some objects to get more information, but it didn't happen on every object I tried (maybe I just use PowerPoint 2010). 


Thanks for the reply! And yes, not all objects of the game are intractable (Like floor, wall, window etc). However, most key elements are but sometimes you have to move the mouse off and then back on. That’s more of a PowerPoint problem though. And I’ll double check through for the misspells. I hope you enjoyed it though :)


Very strong game design and really like the mix of mechanics to keep the gameplay more fresh and interesting. That minigame when you were talking to the lawyer was really smart where each key you had to press was a point against the boyfriend. That mobile phone mechanic was really smart too! It took me ages to guess the password but my sister suggested that it might be the day she hit 1 million followers and it worked! And the ending, you actually made an instagram account for the killer, you took powerPoint to a whole new level.

Could do with some audio though and less dialogue or at least find a way to make the dialogue easier to deal with, like someone actually speaks or more minigames.

Over-all this was definitely a visual novel and very creative, well done! 


Game download was removed somehow so here's a new download link, please leave a review and any comments, enjoy :)


Under the Influence is a good murder mystery game but I did encounter some minor bugs that really need to be fixed. Overall a good game.

6/10 - Gameplay

5/10 - Design

8/10 - Story

3/10 - Comedic Value


5.5/10 - Overall Score


Thank you for the feedback! Would you be able to let me know the bugs?


1. When I type the password on the iPhone, some buttons won't work

2. Some buttons are missing.

That's all I could find


Thank you, I will correct them right away! :)