This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-12-01 15:00:00 to 2020-01-01 04:00:00. View results

Welcome to PowerPoint Game Jam! In this jam you'll be using the awesome game engine that is PowerPoint to make a game.


Optional Theme: Visual Novel

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  • Uh...Why use PowerPoint?

Why not? It is known that PowerPoint is capable for making games along with adding VBA  to code things! Consider this a challenge to create something out your comfort zone. Here are a couple examples of it's capabilities!

- Hyperlinks - Triggers - Mouse Over Detection
 - VBA/ Macros - Animations -Layers  - Grouping Objects  - Many More

  • I don't have PowerPoint! 

No worries! There are other programs out there that allow you to make and play most PowerPoint files. 

 Here's a list of programs you can download/use:


PowerPoint Online

Google Slides

Or you can download a free trial of PowerPoint:


  1. Tag your submissions appropriately!  If there is violence, substance abuse,  mature themes or other such things, please list the types of content within it in your store front page. 
  2. All submissions must be a PowerPoint File. (PPTX, PPTM, PPT, PPSX,PPSM,PPS, ECT.)
  3. I ask that you keep your content for this jam made for an audience 18 years or younger. I can't and won't complain if you change your content after the jam ends.
  4. Releasing a playable demo is fine.  Whatever work you feel is polished enough to share is encouraged to be posted. 
  5.  Anyone who reaches their goal during the jam are winners and are encouraged to submit their game.
  6. There are categories! 

  - Overall Best

  - Best Game Design

  - Best Graphics

  - Best Story

  - Most Comedic

  -Best Use of Theme

Try making the game as unique as possible!


  • Brainstorm, outline, and work on concept art before the jam begins, but please keep final asset and game creation to the one-month jam period!
  • Use any medium to create assets, but final game must be a PowerPoint file.
  • Make use of pre-made and paid assets in your project is also allowed, provided you use them according to the creator's terms.
  • Submit unfinished work if you feel comfortable sharing it; you don't have to submit a perfectly-polished project and are welcome to show off whatever you create as a prototype or proof-of-concept, whether it's an unfinished demo or a collection of assets you were able to create during the jam.


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(PowerPoint Jam) You've wronged a witch and undergone a transformation!
Visual Novel
a PowerPoint horror game
Visual Novel
An small point and click game entirely made in PowerPoint
When a bird comes to your dreams...
H e powerpoint game
Short visual novel prototype made in Power Point
Visual Novel
An oldschool point and click adventure; made in PowerPoint!
My Mom doesn't know about Bil, but soon you will.
Visual Novel
A Myst-like maze game with pre-rendered 3D graphics for MS PowerPoint.
Download this game! Obey the rules! I'm not shouting! You are taking too long to do as I say!
An arcade game programmed in PowerPoint. No, really.
Test your dexterity against your friends!
Three games in one, all wrapped in a Christmas PowerPoint
​Your choice, Your story. You make the rules.
Interactive Fiction
Take the role as Monsieur Pointer to rescue the kidnapped king from the shadow-people's lair.
A horror game made in PowerPoint
Please help fix my presentation!
A Murder Mystery Visual Novel
Visual Novel
An adaptation of John Shirley and William Gibson’s The Belonging Kind for the 2019 #PowerPointGameJam
Visual Novel
Treading the line between mind and code.
Interactive Fiction
This is a gift from us for the new year holiday!
A short AVG, produced by a green hand from civil engineering. Hope u guys having fun!
Visual Novel
Powerpoint Visual Novel
Run in browser
Thanks for checking in!
Interactive Fiction
A game about a man going through endless deaths.
Interactive Fiction
Escape in a game made in Powerpoint!
damn that goose really is entitled
An MS PowerPoint maze game with a couple of unique twists.