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Welcome Message (in case you missed the e-mail) Sticky

A topic by caramelcode created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 218
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Jam Host(+1)

Hey All!

Welcome to our very first Open Jam!  We're so excited you could join us in this celebration of #gamedev and #opensource. Just wanted to go over a few items of business before the jam starts:

  1. Theme will be announced  on Twitter and on the Jam page @ 11:30pm Eastern US Time on Thursday Oct 5th
  2. Review the rules on the Open Jam page
  3. Please stop by the community and introduce yourself or team and share your progress once the jam starts
  4. Join our discord channel if you want to keep in touch in real-time
  5. Follow these twitter accounts:  @fossjam@caramelcode@mwcz
  6. Use social hashtag:  #openjam17

To help you get started or for an introduction to best practices for Game Jams check out the LD35 keynote video,  even though it was made for Ludum Dare the tips apply to all weekend game jams.

If you have any questions please let us know,  you can ask by:

  1. Asking in the community
  2. Ask in our discord channel 
  3. Tweet to @caramelcode and/or @mwcz
  4. Send emails to:

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!  Can't wait to see what you create!


- The Open Jam Team