Submissions open from 2023-10-01 07:00:00 to 2023-11-01 07:00:00
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Welcome once again to the 10th annual installment of the world's only game jam for the CHIP-8 virtual console!

This October, join us by building a game or program for CHIP-8 or one of its extensions- SCHIP and XO-CHIP.

The Octo IDE allows you to write CHIP-8 games in a beginner-friendly low-level language, and even export standalone HTML builds of your game to share here on Itch. You can write interesting games and programs in only a few lines (and bytes) of code. How much can you cram into 3.5kb?

Tools and Resources:

  • EZ-Pack: Convert large images into CHIP-8 Sprites
  • EZ-Writer: Compose text strings to fit a CHIP-8 or SCHIP display, with a variety of fonts
  • EZ-Bake Animator: Pre-generate Octo-compatible graphics programmatically
  • Emma02: Emulator for the COSMAC VIP, the original CHIP-8 platform
  • C-Octo: Develop Octo programs from the command line

Previous Octojams on

The Chip8 Archive contains many entries from older jams, as well as source code.