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Invented in 1977, CHIP-8 is the original portable game platform. From humble specifications come inspiring creative constraints. The Octo IDE makes it easy to dive into developing CHIP-8 programs. Join us once again this October for a month of retro homebrew!

The rules are simple: Make a CHIP-8, SCHIP, or XO-CHIP program during the month of October and submit it. Using Octo is not required if you prefer some other tool, but we ask that you test your game using Octo's emulator for compatibility purposes.

Learning About CHIP-8:

The Octo GitHub Page has extensive reference documentation, including a tutorial for absolute beginners.

If you want some inspiration, have a look at the CHIP-8 Archive and see what others have created!


Use the "Save HTML" button in the "Binary Tools" panel of Octo's Toolbox to assemble a standalone HTML file for running your game. Depending on your browser, it may be necessary to manually add a ".html" extension to the saved file. You can then embed this HTML file in your game's Itch page.

When your program is finished, please consider also submitting a pull-request to the Archive in addition to submitting to Itch- this will ensure your contribution to CHIP-8 history can be easily accessed and re-hosted in the future.

New Features:

If you haven't used Octo recently, here's a rundown of new features to try out!

  • Totally overhauled web UI
  • Export programs to standalone HTML pages
  • Syntax highlighting and line numbers
  • Built-in GIF recorder
  • Support for creating "Cartridges" with an entire Octo project encoded into an image
  • Floating-point literals may now be used in constant expressions
  • Introduced :call operative for explicitly performing a subroutine call
  • :call and :org may now take immediate constant expressions
  • Scratchpad memory in 0x000-0x200 may now be re-written at compile time
  • New tutorial materials
  • Lots more!


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A CHIP-8 Murder Mystery
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Halloween Spooky Graphics
Turn the lights out
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This is an improved implementation of Rule 30 in CHIP-8.
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A simple, small jam game made for Superchip Chip8 in Octo. Playable in the browser.
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A banner program for the 6th annual Octojam
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Be a butterfly
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Are you ready for the challenge?
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Is it possible to satisfy your hunger?
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A chance to rewrite history for a better today
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This is a simple CHIP-8 game in forty octets.
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Golf for Octojam 6
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Do your patriotic duty