Submissions open from 2022-10-01 07:00:00 to 2022-11-02 06:00:00
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Welcome once again to the 9th annual installment of the world's only game jam for the CHIP-8 virtual console. If this is your first time, check out entries from the last three years on itch and the rest on the Chip8 Archive!

This October, join us by building a game or program for CHIP-8 or one of its extensions- SCHIP and XO-CHIP.

The Octo IDE allows you to write CHIP-8 games in a beginner-friendly low-level language, and even export standalone HTML builds of your game to share here on Itch. You can write interesting games and programs in only a few lines (and bytes) of code. How much can you cram into 3.5kb?

Using other tools or homespun CHIP-8 emulators is also fair game. If you're interested in making games that will run on historical hardware, like the COSMAC VIP or the HP-48 calculator, reach out on this jam's forum for tips!

Some extra tools and resources you might find handy:

EZ-PackConvert large images into CHIP-8 Sprites
EZ-WriterCompose text strings to fit a CHIP-8 or SCHIP display, with a variety of fonts
EZ-Bake AnimatorPre-generate Octo-compatible graphics programmatically
Emma02Emulator for the COSMAC VIP, the original CHIP-8 platform
DoritoAn Octo-compatible desktop IDE
C-OctoDevelop Octo programs from the command line
Silicon8Another high-quality CHIP-8 interpreter