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a game about a house.
They took her heart and her future. Now Nepthys will pay!
Visual Novel
A short essay on learning to love yourself.
New Desire for 2 Queers
This Is Not A Game. This Is Love.
An unlicensed RPG based on the classic play by Samuel Beckett.
A small collection of personal RPGs.
A mini solo-LARP about talking through your anxieties, frustrations, and joys with a tiny god who's always by your side.
a friend for your pocket
An impossible game of Civil War burials, hungry hogs, and exclusion
Play this "game" by getting hydrated
I used my hand to smear your name on a condemned warehouse. 1:38 pm on a Tuesday.
Interactive Fiction
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You are a scholar, attending the passing of a great age. Much is to be lost soon. How shall you remember it?
A game, based on Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass.
Is Not A Game
Role Playing
A game that isn't a game about being a millennial, for millennials.
A mysterious book club that has little to do with books
A non-game about death and car passengers
Sometimes a game makes you feel bad when you play, so it's better to just not play them.
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A zine format game(?) about play
another long night with your awful guest
An impossible-to-play tabletop rpg about wayward thoughts.
an exploration of cultural assumptions through the medium of worldbuilding
A not-game about trying to get your ttrpg session schedule.
Thank You For Shopping! is where you go shopping for mum
A literary micro-RPG for one player, based on Hamlet.
You can't do other characters justice. So roleplay yourself!
A game of flash-fiction divination
A simple, minimalistic "game" about the rain.
Make stick figure comics with your friends!!
This isn't a game, I just tell you to do something and then you maybe do it.
Instructions on how to be a Koel Bird.
stop motion/ run projector
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Make a salad out of words
Radiant Kingdom is a JRPG that doesn't exist. This is the story of the life it changed forever.
It's not like you have anything better to do.
Something approaching a 2048-esque puzzle game.
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a memory of a departed friend, of fragile flesh dressed in stone, of being the guarded without a guardian.
use wasd to move and space to jump
a one player rpg about the nature of time
a series of small reminders
a Not-A-Game Jam game for 0 human players
Put down some animals and then control their world
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and the twists and turns of how we seal our fates, as this way or -- another
not a game about sticking your hands deep in the dirt
A #NotAGame About Deriving Meaning
A collaborative creative writing activity
A not game game about eating - print & "play"
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a Not-A-Game Jam game for 0-1 players
A line art tutorial
A #NotAGame about giving money to someone trying to pay their bills.
A handy-dandy generator/prompt for making micro-RPGs
a different kind of roll.
a game about high art
Bouncy balls!
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An indie hack of Give Me Five Dollars
It's everything and nothing and something inbetween
A title and a statement.
A game for #notagamejam. Roll a d6 to work your way around The Loop.