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[Devlog] Necromancer Extraordinaire

A topic by Ramin created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 184 Replies: 1
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A text adventure about a detective necromancer who dwelves too deep into the murder of an artist and finds herself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

I'm gonna try to use paper and pencil to get the scenarios/puzzles all up and organized, and then worry about using Quest/Twine tomorrow. Also really wanted to do some prose so that'll be fun.

For now, a short "beat" list of events or things that'll happen or that I plan to have take place.

  • Investigating the body
  • Talking to Witnesses/Ghosts
  • Talking to family/friends/co-workers.
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Reconstruct the timeline
  • Gathering the deceased personals for contacting the dead artist
  • Convincing others the deceased is actually dead and you are as you say you are to gather said personals,
  • Realizing the dead artist is in fact, not actually dead.
  • Analyzing the evidence
  • Finding Lies
  • Finding the artist himself
  • Expose the conspiracy.

Also planning on adding a "Journal" Feature, where players can look at to check whats their next objective and to review what evidence they've gathered.

oh my god!!! i want to play this so badly !!!!!!!