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[ ! ] Post-Jam Wrap Up! Sticky Locked

A topic by lysander created 93 days ago Views: 115
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Jam Host

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us for another session of My First Game Jam! As with every jam before it, it's time for the post-jam wrap up and the best part— sharing your work! Now, what's next you ask?

A) Write a post-mortem!

A post-mortem is an analysis of a project's process—what was successful and what was less successful? The purpose of a post-mortem is to understand what really worked for you or your team and what broke down. Did you struggle or get stuck on one mechanic? Did your team communicate well? Did your audio person have enough resources to work with?

You can write your post-mortem as a final post to your devlog (and we encourage it for consistency!) or you can post it as a separate thread with [Post-mortem] as a tag in the title.

Check out these post-mortems on Gamasutra for some inspiration (and maybe see if you can find your favorite titles!) Don't feel that you have to match the tone of these articles, though. Your post-mortem for the jam can be as formal or as informal as you'd like--all you really need to document is what worked and what didn't!

B) Share your games!

Time to show off what you finished (or didn't finish!) We've provided a separate thread specifically for playtesting and sharing right over here. Please follow the instructions provided if you'd like to receive critique on your game!

C) Play some games!

Now this is the part where you get finally relax! Go check out your fellow jammers' work and don't forget to leave a comment and let them know how they're doing! The community is the lifeblood of this game jam, so we encourage you guys to reach out and leave feedback on your peers' games!

D) Let us know how we're doing!

If you have any comments, concerns, or ideas for future jams, please let us know! We rely on you guys to help us improve your jam experience so please don't hesitate to give us some feedback via our exit polls, which should be arriving in your inboxes shortly if you filled our pre-jam poll! Our ask box is always open if the FAQ doesn't cover everything!

Thanks for joining us again, and we hope to see you guys again in the winter!