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[DevLog] Little Creatures

A topic by Spottedphyre created 95 days ago Views: 53 Replies: 1
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Team Members:

Spottedphyre (Spotty) - Designer, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, and Animator

Grinjr (Grin) - Programmer

Maplespyder (Maple) - Programmer

Engine: Unity


You run a cute little shelter for tiny creatures. Caring for the tiny friends gives you Love, which you can use to get even more tiny creatures. When fully grown, they head out to start a new life of their own but not before they leave you with a parting gift of their own!


You start out with a small amount of creatures. As time goes on, they get hungry and have other needs that need to be taken care of. Taking care of the needs grants you some Love and keeps them healthy. An ignored creature slowly grows sick and can even fade away. . .

There are many different looking friends to take care of!


At the beginning two ideas were initially put forward. The creature game, and a game where you play as a wolf child making custom Valentine's Day cards for you classmates.

We decided that the creature game would be the more feasible idea to do, plus having little bundles waddle around would be super cute jfhsdlfjk

Next was actually getting things together. Maple and Grin worked on the code to spawn the creatures and get them moving while I worked on getting a basic model created, rigged, and animated.

And this is what we have so far! A basic model with walking and two idle animations and working scripts for spawning and movement! There is a bit more that we have done but I was late to make the log so i'll make a catch-up post tomorrow klfsjghldjfkg

Next up on the list:

  • Replacing the cubes with the creature
  • Setting Animation States
  • Creature collisions
  • Designing the UI
  • Implementing Needs and Love
  • Designing the Environment

Super late update AAAA

Lots of modelling!! Like, a ton. Modeling and more code.

First off, a new creature variant is almost done! A cute little Griffon like in the concept art:

The only thing is to retexture, add wings, and add animations for the wings. Next we've finally started work on the UI! We designed three icons, one for Food, Cleaning, and Play. Cleaning I took some liberties on since uh, I dunno I wanted to model a plant. I call it Clean Mint. Because each will be dragged into the world for the creatures to interact with, we also made 3D models! So far, Food is done, and Clean Mint is a WIP but it's been a lot of fun working on them! (To make it more clear that the plant is for cleaning, it will emit bubble particles)

And for the last part of the update, we got some code working! The creatures have needs that decrease with time, and the models have been swapped out with the template model (though we're still working on animation states)! You can also drag food onto the stage for the nearest creature to eat:

And that's what we have so far! Still with lots to go before the end, this is what we're working on next:

  • Setting Animation States
  • Implementing GUI with handmade graphics
  • Implementing Love
  • Designing the Environment
  • Visual cues for needs
  • Recording sounds and fetching music