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Two C#/Unity programmers still looking for 2D art help!

A topic by vauron created May 30, 2017 Views: 159 Replies: 4
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Hello, everyone!

My friend and I are looking for artists to help us in this jam. We are both programmers with 2 jams under our belt (so still a lot to learn), yet we are eager to participate and leave a mark in this.

We still haven't decided on the project, so the artist would be free to contribute with any concept that he/she might come out with.

Also, since we're both part-time workers AND nearing our graduations, the time devoted to this project wouldn't be much, so we will have to aim low for this one.

That's it! Happy jam o/

Edit #1

At the moment, we are 2 programmers and 1 UI/Environment artist. We still need someone for characters and possible 2d animation!

Hi! I'm quite interested in working with you guys! I mainly use Paint Tool Sai to casually draw stuff, but I also know how to use Photoshop CC.

hey, you're quite welcome then! haha

do you have a discord account? I suggest we use that for discussions

Oh that would be fantastic! thanks :D
Yes I do have discord! my discord username's Heraldine#2612

awesome then (:

here's the link to our server: