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Awaken the island spirits with your pet cat to save your home
Submitted by Hekla Björk Unnardóttir (@hekllla), Emma — 5 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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Wow! Just wow! The sound and art creates a mood that's very relaxing. Really good job on creating this atmosphere.


Thank you! That was the main thing we were going for, so it means a lot to us that you like it!


Also, I played this game live on stream today, I would gladly play it again if you would like to drop into my channel sometime, just let me know!! I stream pretty regularly!! <3


That was BRILLIANTLY DONE!! Excellent, just everything, I can't even begin to describe how well done this was. Love the concept, being guided by my housecat(I love cats), the Cinematics(I'm guessing Cinemachine, but I could be wrong), beautiful world, voice acting, just bravo!!  <3


I watched your stream of my game, and your reactions to it were worth a lot to us! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. <3

Unfortunately, we can't boast that we did the modeling or voice acting (it *is* TTS put through a reverb filter). But getting real voice acting is high on the list of changes to make. But nonetheless, we worked very intensely on this game, so seeing people play it as intended always makes my heart flutter a bit. So thank you for playing. Also yes, the cinematics are made with Cinemachine. B)


Awesome, I'm glad you watched! That's no biggy about not doing the modeling, that's pretty good for TTS as well. I've been in game jams and I've seen a lot though, but I don't think I've ever played something with Cinematics like this before, and just such a cool world! I've considered trying my hand at voice acting myself, just not sure if my microphone is quality enough(MXL 770 right now), but who knows. I have a history of audio and music as a hobby long before I got into game dev <3


Really surreal experience, especially with the voices. The visuals are amazing, I spent a while exploring just to look at the models. It's crazy to think it was all made in 3 days. The noisy filter over the screen was annoying at first, but I think it made it look interesting overall. The only real flaw was the gameplay, since it's mostly just walking around and clicking on specific objects in a linear order.

I don't know if my headphones are working right, but the audio panning was backwards. I had to flip my headphones and then it was ok.


Hi. I'm glad you had a good experience. I know the gameplay is a bit lacking, but thanks for telling me! I seriously overestimated the scope of the game on the first day, so there wasn't much time to really do much for the "game" part of the game.  Weird with the sound though. Thank you for your feedback!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I have to be honest, I am stupid and did not read the instructions first, so i did not interact with stuff...

That said, it was an awesome experience, the ambient is beautiful and super calm, I walked around for 15 minutes. 


Oh my! I'm happy that you got something out of it, even without most of the gameplay! I'm curious though how you weren't bothered by the cat constantly mewing at you ^_^' I'm glad you liked it, nonetheless!


I will do a second play-through when i do a pass over the other entries.

How can I be annoyed by a cat?! the mews were more concerned than anything else, and worked well with the music, so i did not mind.


Aww, good answer!


Okay, i took the time for a second, correct play-through. 

This is a seriously good result for 3 days of work, congratulations! the narration and ambient are great.

My only comment is that, the first pass felt like a walking simulator, and there are way more details and interesting places to explore than the ones the cat guides you to. I feel that a more loose help, and the capability of activating the statues out of order would foster more exploration of such a magnificent scene.

Again, awesome work!


First of all, thank you for taking the time to play it again! And, being able to activate the statues out of order would be so cool! Definitely something I'd implement for an update. (although the list is loooong). Thank you for your feedback <3