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Tales of AndrogynyView game page

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees.
Submitted by Majalis — 8 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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does the game update itself?

story mode

hi how can i play the patron mode? 

Game is great:-)


THIS! Thank you so much for THIS! :D

When I was snooping around for the first time I almost jumped out of my chair with gleeful joy when I recognized the artstyle of the flying harpy.

I've been a fan of Majalis' work and smut for many years, and this roquelike game hits all the right kinks and fetishes I like! Keep it up, in MORE ways than one ;-)


Thank you!  :D

I really wanna see the female goblin stuff finished. Also, two complaints for things you'll obviously fix later but they still deserve mention. It is impossible to get through the ruins to the magic door with five magic AND eight agility without an absurd level of grinding. And finally there is only one Ogre on each map so there isn't a feasible way to get three or even two ranks of the giant's lover perk.


love this game, keep working Majalis!

Been following Majalis for a long time, super excited to finally get my hands on this game and really looking forward to seeing how it progresses!



Yeah, we'll definitely implement a tutorial / stat and skill descriptions soon to make the battle system less opaque (also using our own font so that the combat log is actually legible) - and preventing stalemates will be a matter of implementing some systems, like armor sundering, that aren't currently in place - so that it's not possible to have enough defense that neither combatant can harm the other. Thanks for the feedback!


Even if I'm not quite a fan of futa, I tried this out. I realize its still a WIP but a tutorial for the battle system would be cool, because It seemed like I got stuck in a stalemate with the brigand where neither of us did any damage and I got ass fucked like 50 times.

Definitely has potential though, good work.

The lewd will be overwhelming with this game. It will have HAND-HOLDING!!!! The lewdest of all activities. In all seriousness so far its quite good. Five encounters on the world map (3 fights, one optional fight and one encounter of hi, bye) that are repeated randomly on the randomly generated map. One of the fights has the ability to make you instantly lose (take the knot) and the sex is (for the time being I assume) humerus and 'sidelined' while the game content itself is developed properly. Now that I have promoted the game enough, I leave this comment with "Try it for yourself, its good fun for 5-10 minutes."