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A jam entry

LEAPing into AccessibilityView game page »

A modified electric wheel chair controlled by the leap motion.
Submitted by hobospider with 11 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline

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Please describe your creation.
A modified electric wheel chair controlled by the leap motion providing unparalleled control over the wheelchair and household appliances.

Programming language?
JAVA, C ( Arduino )

Video of your demo? (Strongly recommended for hardware hacks.)

Your web site or portfolio?


martachov · 308 days ago

One of the best projects on here. Checked out your other project on hackster, seems that you guys have followed up on your projected improvements (gps tracking etc..). Nice work!

gianlucapp · 308 days ago

This project is a real game changer. Hope you guys do well through all of this!

gopala krishna · 333 days ago

Useful work.Congratulations. Very innovative

sowjanya lakshmi · 333 days ago

Superb. Really cool concept.

Lata · 337 days ago

congratulations. Your innovation is really helpful to the needy and doing useful research at you age is a great job . keep it up.

srathina20@gmail.com · 337 days ago

Creative, great work. Being in Canada, We see lot of people using the wheelchair and this device is going to be great help to them

sriramkovvali@gmail.com · 337 days ago

Awesome creation guys..very innovative, useful and interesting. Keep it up guy

manoharkovvali · 338 days ago

Many Congratulations!!! Some really good work.

Narasimhan · 338 days ago

Congratulations!!! It will be really useful to people by make things convenient for them to operate.

Keep up the good work !!!



msformanek · 338 days ago

Very innovative and original project, which has a broad set of real world applications. Really hope you guys take this further.

vyjayanthimala · 339 days ago

Congratulations to the young INNOVATORS . It is really useful to the aged persons as they don't want to depend on others. It is wonderful .


Lakshmi Kripa · 339 days ago

Hats off to you!! Thats a well thought through project for the benefit of most wanted set of people... Keep up your good work..

rkprism · 339 days ago

Congratulations.... not many can think out-of-box and that too In the benefit of others. Especially, this innovation of yours for those who are differently abled gives a new ray of hope and more confidence to them to bounce back stronger. Good work and good thought. Keep it up.

K Jaya · 339 days ago

Great! Keep it up.

K S Sarma · 339 days ago

Excellent! Congratulations.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it."

-Steve Jobs.

Subbu Govindarajapuram · 339 days ago

Fantastic! Certainly a very useful tool. Looking forward to seeing more such innovations!

Meena · 339 days ago

congratulations! This is a great innovation matching to the current generation and technology. Good Luck and look forward to seeing more

asinger · 344 days ago

nice work!

VANI · 345 days ago

very very nice project -CONGRATULATIONS

K SESHAMANIKYAMBA · 345 days ago

Very nice and very impressive . A technogical innovation very useful to old people like me.

sita kovvali · 345 days ago

Excellent/ very creative and useful

neelimahere · 346 days ago

Great Job , wishing you success

Sairam · 347 days ago

Great work. Amazing innovation. Impressive.

mani1234 · 347 days ago

Excellent work from young innovator

sumi431 · 349 days ago

That is amazing, great work!

knpani · 349 days ago

Excellent/ Very interesting. / Very Creditable wishing every success to the both young innovators,


ravirajj · 349 days ago

Excellant work , Technology demostrated at its best.

srinivas ramireddy · 349 days ago

Excellent idea. Great value. You have demonstrated real life value of technology.

rlai · 349 days ago

Excellent work!! Very creative indeed!

Bg01144 · 349 days ago

very impressive creation. And a potentially life changing for those who could benefit from it. Keep up the great, innovative work

damamsrao · 349 days ago

Amazing project and idea. Hope this becomes part of Accessibility standards....

Sridevi · 349 days ago

Hi Hobospiders

Great job ! It is a lot of hard work. It's a great combination of technology and thought You have done something really useful. This is what real education is

Anjali · 349 days ago

wow great job! I can't believe that you got the chair to connect with the tv remote. That must have taken a long time and lot of effort.

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