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A topic by Jan Polak created Aug 01, 2018 Views: 232 Replies: 1
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As all other jams, Kenney Jam is all about the fun of making games together. One of the things that makes that part of the jam more exiting is sharing you work. There are places where you can do that but the best ones are, in my opinion, on Twitter with #kenneyjam hashtag or on the Pixeland Discord server in the #gamejam channel.

If you have any other places where you plan on sharing your content, like videos, streams or so on, please let us know, we are genuinely interested in seeing what you can do!

I will personally be streaming on Twitch, the stream will be focused on the jam not on my own entry. Imagine an video podcast. The plan is to regularly check the media channels and talk about the things people share.

Here is the link to the stream, come and check it out if you want, I would really appreciate it!