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Fire everything from barrels to swords off the ship. To give it a good clean, while the Pirate Captain yells at you.
Submitted by MattCane, Dan McCabe (@danm3d)
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
• Graphics#14.1744.174
• Audio#13.4353.435
• Fun#22.9132.913
• Teamwork evident in game creation#33.6963.696
• Innovation#32.6092.609
• Commercial Potential#42.7392.739
• Narrative#52.4352.435
• Strong connection to the theme#73.0873.087

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • This game had a fantastic element of character to it. The context for the game was set out clearly and the team evidently worked to create a visually striking game. Some more focus on creating hazards that provided some more of a challenge to the game could make the gameplay more interesting,  but I think the goal of setting a high score does enough for the team to communicate the core mechanics and the primary goal of the game. Well done team!

  • Great start to an idea, I think ultimately there would need to be more to do, but the loading of the cannon was straight forward (once I read the controls in here) and felt good, VO was funny, good little game. If only there was a bit more to do

  • A really strong entry for Jamfuser. The art style was very well implemented and very impressive.

    It was fun to play through the game a few times to experiment with different strategies to launch as much as possible. I eventually ended up cycling through all 6 cannons whilst mostly using the ammo that was placed next to them. It was a good design choice to be able to pick up almost everything and fire it, though there were a few objects that were inconsistent with this. The highest score I got was 33, and it was at this point that I was left wanting more gameplay! It would be great to see this further developed beyond Jamfuser where the player had different tools to clean up junk into the cannons in different ways.

    The voice acting of the captain was incredible, though it felt a little low in the sound mix to always be heard clearly. With a strong art style and strong audio this submission felt very well rounded. It's a good thing that I'm saying that I just wished for more of it!

Team Name
Team Art

Game Name and Description
Just Shoot It

ARGGHH, you are a pirate! Well, you clean up the junk after the pirates. Fire all the spare junk the pirates have left off the ship using the cannons. The Captain will not be best pleased. But you don't care, you want to beat your high score.

WASD - Movement
E - Interact
R - Restart
Tab - Main Menu

** Some issues were raised about our credits of the game and what that meant for our team size, see here for details: **

Team Description
Dan McCabe - Project Lead, Junior Artist at Codemasters.

Matt Cane - Engine Lead, First year of game design at Staffs Uni.

Carl Sims - 3D Artist, Second year of games art at Staffs Uni.

Sean Bray - 3D Artist, Second year of games art at Staffs Uni.

Kyran Taylor - 3D Artist, Second year of games art at Staffs Uni.

Created Content before Jamfuser (if necessary)
Music, Cannon Fire and water sounds were not created by us. The pirate Voice lines were however created by us.

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Weird Question, but how do you close the game from the main menu?


We didn't map a key to close the game, so you have to press the windows key to be able to quit the game.

Developer (1 edit)

@Greg Smith. You can also use ALT+F4. Bit of a bodge, sorry for any inconvenience


Here is some gameplay if you want to see before you get it free :)