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Entry: Space-Commie Radio !

A topic by Pixhel created Jan 19, 2016 Views: 112
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Random Game Seed: 36369316221
Random Game Idea: A game where you spread the influence of controversy, and, wait for it... communism!
Qualifiers: Platform (and infiltration
Title: (Temporary name) Space-Commie Radio
Idea: You incarne an agent of the Popular Ebellion and you're infiltrating the "Communication Service" of the Federal Galactical Empire.
The FGE exploits people without any kind of respect because the only thing they respect is money !
You're infiltrating this service to diffuse a call to rebellion message and truth about FGE ,and btw, to promote communism !

We're a team of two on this thing, my mate we'll go around tomorrow morning (GMT+01).
Also, I'll try to stream my dev' sometimes on .

We're gonna use Unity for our game and C# as scripting language.
For graphics, it's gonna be GIMP.
For music, well we'll see, that's an unknown point for now !