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Sergeant Guffy's Day (submission)

A topic by TheDefiant created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 53
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Making a thread for my submission, both to direct people to it (it doesn't appear to be visible in the Submissions page) and for any comments/questions/feedback anybody has.  The game is available here. (let me know if you can't see it)

In this comedy mystery text adventure you play the time-traveling assistant to bumbling detectives, at the ready wherever and whenever you're needed. Suspense, deduction, forensic science, three-dimensional characters, thought provoking puzzles.  This game has none of that.  It does feature part of a heist and part of a murder mystery and hopefully a few laughs. 

The game  should take an experienced text adventurer less than 20 minutes to play (It took me 30  to finish after I finished coding it. :D ) . The game also features hints if you need them (type "Hints").

The game was written in Inform 6 (z5) and requires a Zcode interpreter to play.