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[Devlog] A Twist of Fate

A topic by vanillabuns created Jun 12, 2016 Views: 190 Replies: 1
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Hello all! Dev Usagi at @vanilla_buns here.

My friend Morphosky (at @auntmorphriska) and I are currently working on a game called A Twist of Fate!

Your name is Alistair, a travelling merchant heading to a neighbouring country for business. Before crossing the border, you decide to make a one-day stop in a northern town where you briefly used to live as a kid. Oh boy, you really can't wait to reunite with your old friends and talk about the good old days, when your biggest worries were which games were you going to play and how to stay out of trouble.

Too bad that mere hours after your arrival, one of your old friends is accused of witchcraft and put into jail.

And her friends won't let you leave without helping her first.

Oh and your horse is hurt, so unless you make some money poof out of thin air to buy a new one, you can't really leave the town either way.

Looks like this stop is going to last longer than a day after all.

So far we have profiles and background stories written for all the characters, as well as all the major plot points for the game figured out. The 3 main characters have also been designed and named and their sprite work is underway!

The final game will have:

  • at least 1 hour of gameplay
  • 3 romancable characters
  • (at least) 4 endings

and hopefully a few surprising plot twists!

But wait that's not all, we got some art to show too! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? (all works in progress, but still!!)

Meet Jolanta, the unlikely heroine:


Her friend Myriam, the cool beauty working as a maid for the local lord:


As well as their friend Kenneth, the guard with a fiery temper:


Please look forward to our next updates! The actual text in the game isn't as silly as this post might let on, I promise.

Have a nice day!

-Dev Usagi


Hey guys! Both Dev Morphosky and I have been quite sick this week (I have bronchitis! woohoo!) but we both are slowly but surely getting better. It has slowed down progress on the game though, so no big update this week, but we're still working hard on the game, don't worry!


-Dev Usagi