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Chronicles of a Mastermind, Ch. 1View game page

"My plan won't fail. The pieces are on the board, and I'm ready to win!"
Submitted by Racso (@racsoth) — 1 hour, 26 minutes before the deadline

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  • Theme

    It’s about con men conning each other which is honestly hilarious.


    Mostly a fetch quest and trial and error. There’s a lot of fail states and it usually does well what it does. However the last scene bugged out and confused the hell out of me.


    Most of the level design is pretty good and believable but some really questionable things like mixing fantasy with modern assets. The writing sounded like comedy rather than something serious and a lot of things just wouldn’t fly in the real world in my honest opinion. Because of this it delivers confusing expectations.


    It was alright I guess.

    Total – 56/80

Team Members

RPG Maker VX Ace

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This was pretty fun! Not particularly believable, but that doesn't matter. The puzzles flowed logically, so I think you did a really good job of making things easy to understand how to solve, without obviously just giving away the answer.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is the ending. Depends how long you were planning to make that scene, but reading text against a moving background can easily make people feel motion sick, so it's usually something to avoid.

There was a typo on the second line, it should be 'the adults WERE too busy'. Other than that, good job! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for the future :)


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you had fun with the game. I could only work on it for a week and it was my first time using RPG Maker, so I'm happy someone as experienced as you enjoyed it.

I'll see what can I do about the moving background (I didn't know about that undesirable effect; do you think making the movement as slow as possible may help with that?), and of course I'll fix the typo.

Thanks again! I'm playing Lost Boy right now, so you'll receive a comment soon :P

Developer (1 edit)


A game by Racso.

Tiles: Rural Farm Tiles, by Celianna.

Music: Fighting Will by by JDB Artist. Mystery Boulevard and Maximum Security by Joel Steudler. Electronic Loop 3 (Retro Style DNB) by EvilMind.