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A jam entry

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Man's descent through deep space
Submitted by Xevkin with 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 45th with 5 votes

People's Choice Vote#455

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  • Theme 

    Sci-Fi horror giving some pretty nice resident evil and alien vibes.


    Mostly problem solving but I’m not sure how you’re supposed to solve the red room puzzle to get the other 3 endings. Otherwise it's very short to really garner a good opinion about the game.


    The mapping needs a lot of work. But otherwise it has promise.


    Has a lot of potential but needs a LOT of polish.

    Total – 50/80

RPG Maker MV

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I decided to give your game a try today.. it was really good!
I thought my exploring through the maps went really well. However the maps while being alright were a bit too big at times, especially those corridors with nothing to do but move across.. xD
I was able to connect all the dots and tried for the 3 endings. They were all pretty interesting!
My favorite being the one connected to the teddy bear.. it was evil but I liked it! >_<
The riddle was my least favorite part.. usually I'm good at those but I just couldn't figure that one out. I had to cheat a bit to get the answer.. lol :P
Overall:  I enjoyed the game a lot. :) It was short (it took me about 30 minutes to beat) but considering the time restraints I think you did a good job!
Good luck and keep making good games! ^^


This was short, but so atmospheric! I definitely think I'll have weird dreams now... I played through each ending in the order 2,3,1 and enjoyed all of them (I only wish it was a little longer to find out some more!)

Two potential issues I noticed, the piano needs a self switch else I can continually switch it on for no reason, and I did notice a bad loop of music in the riddle room (possibly because I spent the longest in there...)

That riddle was tough... I spent a long time trying to come up with answers, but in the end, I cheated ^^' I really don't think I would have been able to get that on my own, to be honest, the answer didn't make sense to me. Well, I understand it, but I wouldn't have clicked that together. You might want to have the solution somewhere so that the ending is accessible to all.

Overall, you did a great job! <3


Hey there!

Thank you so much for trying our game. We're really happy that you enjoyed it. Also, sorry about the game being a bit short. It was our first attempt at making a game and we wanted to make a "bedtime story" type of game until it took a really, really dark turn xD

The bad loop of music was totally my bad. I had zero experience with making looping music for games. Any suggestion on how I could fix this? As for the piano, it's only there to provide a sinister atmosphere for when you read the notes. We wanted to make the character as twisted as possible (No, we're not as twisted as the character... for the most part xD)

Don't worry, we'll put hints about the riddle's answer somewhere in the game. Sorry you had to go through that!

Once again, thanks for playing Entropy!! <3


The easiest thing is just to search specifically for looping music. Most music made for games will loop, and you can find commercial use ones around in places like

Or if you wanted to keep that piece to fit with your theme, you'd need to edit it in something like Audacity. There's a few tutorials around showing you what to do, but I can't really offer any advice since it's not my area.

He was definitely twisted. You guys have quite the imagination ;)

P.s. If you haven't seen it- just1witness made a let's play video of your game :D