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Voyage of the ExpatriatesView game page

A turn based RPG about a group of expatriates fleeing from oppressive country.
Submitted by Pineapple Games (@PGamesInc) — 1 hour, 59 minutes before the deadline

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  • Theme

    Prince escapes and you decide to help him free your home country.


    The mechanics of the game itself is so classic turn based JRPG there’s not much to say here. If anything, my major gripe about this game is that everything requires TP forcing you to just spam attack ad nauseam. The worst part is that TP regeneration is slow. The “final boss” is also a terrible indication of game design. It hits three times in a row, hits hard, can spam its AOE attack, has status effects for days and there’s nothing you can do about it. And the WORST offender is 6 Turns Skill Seal. By the time I finally killed it, 3 of my party members were dead weight, especially the mage.


    Graphical glitches, questionable jumping range of the prince was just outright weird. I can’t say I enjoyed this especially since Generator faces are so tired by this point with their very samey look. The writing is OK for the most part.


    If I wasn’t required to play this game for 1 hour at a time, I would’ve quit on the second encounter. The boss was a huge HP sponge that revives dead allies to full health and the last one was just the worst. So much padding to waste your damn time. There are some nice cinematic moments if you ignore how absurd the situation is.

    Total – 38/80

Team Members
Michael: Director
JT: Programmer/Concept
Ryan: Writer
Randell: Battle Design

RPG Maker MV

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I gave this a try and I thought the game was nice (no bugs, nice story and smooth gameplay) but it felt like something was missing.. I would have liked to have been able to hear more about our heroes life.. they were all pretty interesting.. and if felt like there was a lot more to say. Especially about Lyla. I thought she was very mysterious. 
I would love to see a follow-up on this. :P Good luck!


It's easy to see how much effort went into this game. It's cinematic and well optimised. There were no bugs that I found, but I did feel like there wasn't really much gameplay to be bugging out on. I am not a fan of turned based battles, so this game sadly isn't for me. The only thing I would comment on is that I found it strange only the heroes had face portraits. If you wanted to add those in but couldn't find resources for emosets, you can find some really nice ones here. (Or if you think the default faces look too out of place with the generator ones, you can find some generator style ones here.)

Good luck with your game, and happy making! <3