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John! Use your TALKING skills and THINK!
Submitted by stailgames — 2 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 67th with 3 votes

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    Graphics are RTP. Mapping is pretty decent - though large they have details and design to fill them out a bit so that they're not an empty mass of nothingness.

    Sound is RTP and it's used here and there but nothing more than standard defaults. It's not jarring but it's not great either.

    Music is much the same, though with a few non-RTP tunes thrown in as well. It fits well enough with the scenes it's used in but it's nothing worth really commenting about.

    Writing is a bit of a mess with a lot of grammar and punctuation errors strewn about. The dialogue is jarring and has no real flow. Oddly enough, there are some areas where the writing is decent but those are few and far between.

    The characters are all pretty one-dimensional and flat, even the main character. Effort went in to try and make them more interesting but for the most part they're quite bland.

    The story itself is interesting but the way it's presented is very jarring and nonsensical. There are points where you jump around in the story oddly if you go in the wrong area before another, but since there's nothing blocking off the areas to go...

    Gameplay consists of talking battles and on-map interactions.

    The on-map interactions are very basic RPG mechanics. Walk around, talk to NPCs, buy stuff and open chests.

    The interesting thing about the game is the battles, which are set up as conversations with other characters. You can eventually unlock new things to talk about (well, types of conversation really) and in the battles you have to pick choices that will either interest the enemy or bore them. Lose all your health or bore them to 100 points and you lose the battle. Get their interest up to 100 and you win.

    You can use items in the battles in order to pique their interest more.

    While the game had some interesting factors going for it (a couple of the characters and the premise of the battles and story), sometimes the battles just weren't fun, especially when you had to talk the same conversation again and again to win. It took the interest out of the battles, making them seem less like a conversation and more like a skill spam.

    Add to that the fact that I had no idea what was going on with the story after the point of the pendant stealing Mary's soul and it was a very confusing experience.

    One of the themes was talking your way through and the battle system did this reasonably well, presenting a system that had a lot of good ideas, even if it didn't pull them off very well. Any other themes got lost in the confusion of the writing and how it jumped from point to point with no direction between.


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stailgames (aLvhine---)


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Honestly.. I didn't think I would have as much fun with this game as I did. The screenshots got me curious so I decided to give it a go and I was in for a nice surprise!
I liked the whole cosplaying going around at school. lol I found it disappointing however that I couldn't buy a cool costume too! It would have been nice if we had a few choices of outfit for our character. 
The puzzles in the inner pendulum were really challenging! They were clever and observant in the way that you really just had to look around to figure out what you needed to do. In the first one I was trying to rush through it to get to the story again and I was having a hard time figuring out what to do (I was like 10 minutes trying to figure out wth I was supposed to do with the boulders hahaha) but then I told myself to explore the map more carefully and damn.. the answer was right in front of my eyes.. lol 
I really liked the battle system, it was really unique and it was cool how you had to find a way to keep your composure while triggering the right answers in the convos. However, after I was able to complete a whole conversation with EZ Talk skill, I was sad to find out that if you were to use that skill again the conversation would go exactly the same. T^T It would have been more interesting if it changed if you got all the right answers already. 
The facesets you used... hmm.. I saw some people saying they look out of place and I kind of agree, but honestly I don't see any others that would look better.. haha The only one that really bugged me was the last guy (Hale? I think) now that one looked a bit weird.. xD
Overall: I had a fun time playing the game. The story was interesting, the mc was funny and the gameplay with the battles and the puzzles was a nice challenge. Good job! Keep it up! :)


Wow, thanks for playing "John de TNT". Too bad that we don't have much time to make some features like changing costume or get rid of the repetition of TALK (only got 14th days to make this game), but maybe on the next update we'll add it (+better graphic of character & environment). We glad that you can solve the puzzles. btw, did you reach the ending? 

 I would love to see an update to the game. I had lots of fun playing this!
And yup I reached the ending! Took me about 1 hour.  It was nice that we kept the pendulum after all that! lol ^^


Nice! (lol, absolutely we kept the pendulum cause it has nice color) Btw, The game have alternate ending too. Would you mind if you move this comments to the Game Page on It would help us too devlog our game. XD


Ah I didn't know there was another ending! I might give it another try some other time! ^^
And sure I'll repost it there for you :)


Thanks a lot!


This game is the type that I usually choose when I am playing at game websites. So, yes, I like it. The bug that makes me curious because it is like side quest of the game, I want to discover it. Flow of the game is simple, I think, just explore and understand usual human characters.


Thanks for playing our game. We glad that you like it. I think in the future, we'd like to polish this game to make it better.


- Unique quite unique battle system
- Good MC personality (lazy)
- Quite good grammar and dialogs

- The arts doesn't match the story (environment)
- The battle system is not suited for RM, leading in bad and confusing menus in battle
- This game is still very early, still too many things needs to be improved


Yeah, we as Dev realize about that environment's doesn't match with the story, and maybe on the next update we will focus on how to build the environtment looks good.

Yup, you got it right again, the battle system still on progress (develop) and needs to be improved.

Thanks for playing, we hope you can try the next version of this game when it available.


i thought the game would be a fighting RPG but instead the dev came up with something interesting, which you will have to find out for yourself


Thanks for playing our game and review it. And yeah, we as dev try to came up with something difference than others. We hope on the next update (maybe after IGMC '17 done) you'll still download and playing it again. thanks