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The tale of Elissa, Princess of Liore and Priestess of Astraea.
Submitted by CyberForte — 3 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

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  • 46/80

     A lot of passibility issues, including bookshelves that want to crush you. Difficult battle? Pass, I’m just going to nuke everyone with this powerful spell and just keep using it every other turn if anything even survives. Also, event sanitation is an issue. The battle system isn’t entirely bad.

    The story itself wasn’t that bad, but it might be good to consider the pacing and alternatives such as when you decide to sneak in instead of fighting and after, the story is confused and acts as if you fought, but also acts as if you were still trying to sneak. The flaws end up hurting immersion.

    Overall, the map works, but there are some areas that feel cramped or have no passibility even though it looks like it should have it. Or vice versa.

    The game has some potentials, but need to fix some of the flaws such as logical events, cleaning up events, making the map less cramped, and so on. Definitely sounds like the game has some intent to becoming a part of a bigger story so maybe we’ll see where that goes.

  • This turned out to be really epic. I thought it was going to end quite a few times and it kept going! I did think it was a tad overwritten, with a lot of lore exposition very early on and a tendency to take what could be subtext and just spell it out as text. The battles were excellent with a ton of skills to choose from and strategies to try out. The three heroes together were almost unstoppable (until the final boss, anyway). The maps were pretty and I enjoyed how metal the battle themes were. Some minor bugs - a knocked out soldier in the castle began writhing around on the ground like he was possessed and nobody seemed to be able to equip Caspian’s favor. 

    Score: 57/80

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RRG Maker Vx Ace

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I don't understand why this game doesn't have any comments.. it's sooo goood!!!!
I feel like I'm still in the beginning (just had Marista and Kitiara joining my party after falling from the wall) but I'm really liking all in this game.
First I need to say the character facesets are so nice! I really love them. All characters are so pretty (or hot in the guys' case lol).
The story is really interesting too. I really like the concept of three empires, two at war and the middle ground, Liore, which is suddenly also under attack. lol Both celestials and velestians (did I get that right?) sound like intriguing people. I'm really curious to know if Elissa will be able to get back to the palace and if, yes, what will she find there? 
The maps are so beautiful! I loved how Elissa's room was set and her sister bedroom (with a huge throne there too. . where Elissa sat! haha) was really nice too. I also thought the Cathedral of Astraea looked really beautiful (I did see one passability issue in the left corner with one piece of furniture).
The gameplay so far is pretty good too. I liked exploring the palace (horsies!!) and sparring! bwahaha I won EASILY against everyone! What a badass priestess Elissa is! ^^ 
The battle system is pretty interesting too. Not even need to mention how much I love how awesome Elissa' skills are. But I love how with Kitiara we can equip other weapons and with Marista we can change to her wolf or human form. I'm curious to see if I'll have other party members with other cool options!!
Overall: This is such a good game! I hope it won't be overlooked! I had to stop for tonight but I plan to save the game to continue it later on. I really feel in love with the story and I really want to get to the end! :) Good luck with the contest! And keep it up! I hope to see more games from you. ^^


Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying it! While I can't take credit for making any of the art resources, I was very happy with the ones I found for the characters, so I'm glad you liked them as well! Yep, Celestials (Hysperia) and Demons (Velestia). Mapping might be one of my favorite parts of game design! So I'm definitely happy to hear you enjoyed... So much detail work on Liore Palace XD 

Of course, my other favorite part is coming up with combat systems and unique character mechanics, haha. Given the scope of the contest game, I'm afraid you've found all the characters in this game already, but in future games I definitely intend to pursue other atypical designs like that. I have another longer-running RPG at the blog in my profile link with unusual character designs too, though it's NSFW.  But if that's not your thing, I definitely intend to do more all-ages projects like Empyreal Wings in the future as well. Overall, glad to hear you enjoyed it. and thanks a lot for the comment!

Ah I downloaded your other game (the nsfw one!) but I haven't had the time to play it yet.
It looks nice tho! I'll stop by your blog to give some feedback when I play it ^^
I look forward to any all-ages games you'll make too ofc.
Empyreal Wings turned me into your fan! hehe