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Submitted by TeamUmbral with 5 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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    Graphics are a mix of RTP, VN backgrounds and facesets that may be custom. They really don't fit well together, especially the VN backgrounds as they have black lines around them from not fitting the window perfectly. The battlers are cute, at least.

    The mapping is either sample maps or dungeon generator with no edits. Thus, lazy, bland, empty and annoying. Especially the size of the dungeon generated maps which are large and devoid of any kind of effort.

    The writing is alright. There's some grammatical errors and a lot of punctuation issues too. The writing is stilted at times and it makes reading it jarring. Seeing as this is part Visual Novel, it really should have had a proof reader.

    The characters are kind of bland. There were one or two who were interesting and while some effort was made to try and make the characters seem different to each other, they fell a bit flat.

    The story was interesting - a land you access by dreaming where you meet those who you know in your life. It's interesting how it bends expectations about who is whom in the dreamland, but again, the writing issues didn't help with conveying the story well.

    Sound is there. Nothing great but nothing too jarring, bar a few sounds that seemed out of place. Music is the same - alright but nothing that's really stand out. It was used well enough for the different scenes but nothing that really enhanced the experience.

    Gameplay consists of battles and on-map interactions.

    The majority of the game is Visual Novel-esque in that you're shown backgrounds with text. Lots of text. You don't get choices in the text - it's just telling you the story and dialogue at you with the characters.

    The dream land portions allow you to move on maps and try to avoid fast-moving enemy sprites that engage in a typical jRPG battle when you hit them. Battles are fairly balanced but nothing to really write home about. You don't learn any new skills, but the skills you do have access to are at least interesting and useful. They usually have other aspects than just damage, like stunning or freezing the enemy.

    The game has an autoload feature which is very annoying, as you can save manually in other spots but it always loads the first slot, meaning that unless you edit the save data you can screw yourself out of a lot of gameplay. There's also no titlescreen or the like - it jumps straight into the game on start-up which was a bit jarring.

    The game started out interesting but then we got to the dungeons and battles and it kind of lost itself. I feel like it would have been a lot better if there hadn't been dungeons, just a string of battles or battles interposed between the story. The dungeons just weren't interesting, being that they were either randomly generated dungeons with no visual changes or sample maps, which is the laziest of lazies.

    Honestly, the game had promise where the story was concerned but it was let down by lack of polish and lazy attempts at adding gameplay.

    The theme of the game seems to be escapism, where people are trying to remove themselves from the reality of their lives by living in another world in their dreams. Story-wise, it does well to convey this despite the writing issues that plague the game. Mechanically, it also helps a bit - being a dragon with magic powers and able to battle does help convey at least a bit of escapism and it's not lost on the player what is going on so that's a plus.


Team Members
MadiusDH - Story , Character design , Balancing and Script .
Max - Game Programmer ( he put everything together ) and Balancing .
BartonDH . Character design , Portraits , battle sprites .


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I found the demo really nice! I wish we could explore more of the dream world, the map where we fought the bandits looked good! The story is kind of touching too.. to be able to connect in dreams with other people' souls.. really interesting. I was surprised by the visual novel aspect, I'm not used to rpgmaker being used for vns yet.. lol But if you may consider my suggestion, you could add some sort of selectable choices in those parts, during 'the story mode', while giving rewards that could add to our stats in the dream world for example.
The battle system wasn't anything special in my eyes, but it wasn't too bad and I thought it was pretty well balanced. I did think a few times that the monsters in the field were a bit too fast! haha I could never run from them, I just gave up and instead would wait for them to get to me and fight. XD
I found a few typos here and there (when they get to the village "and at the same time and old man"), you gotta be careful with punctuation too.
Pressing f12 brings you back to the beach where you first start instead of restarting the game?
I also noticed that even when monster are in frozen state they still attack, is it suppose to be like that?

Overall: It was a solid demo! It looks promising! I hope I'll be able to enjoy a more extended demo or the full game soon! :P Good luck and keep it up!


A nice little demo :) The concept is interesting, I wish I dreamt like that! Gameplay may need a little work. I like the Visual Novel parts, but I think going between that and mostly battle quests might get tiresome. It wouldn't hurt to have more rpg based elements, exploration, npcs to talk to etc.

 The portraits were really well done. It would be nice to see them have full emotionsets. The script could do with a proofread, there were a few places where the grammar went wonky, and some places where the scenes just fell a little flat.

Other than that, you guys are off to a good start. Happy developing!


Thanks for taking the time to play our demo and for the feedback  , as a team we acknowledge that the game needs a lot of work ,despite  our inexperience  we had to adjust the project to the required time of  development on the IGMC 2017 contest , and had to left out a lot of features , revisions of the script and illustrations .

So we will take all that in consideration for our next project :) .