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A jam entry

The QuindomView game page »

Explore the strange state of affairs in Quindom
Submitted by RezPawn with 5 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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  • Did not pass screening. Early Crash, missing files.

    Crash: faces-prisoner-serious is missing. Likely princess-angry as well.

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I gave the game a try and I felt like it lacked some sort of introduction to our hero. You start the game in the world map and you got no clue what you are supposed to do or where you are supposed to go. You have no clue about who your hero is too. :( 
Also.. I got stuck in the little island in the lake. lol I was looking for the leaves but for some reason searching the trees didn't give me anything and the spots that did give me anything was just money. I ended up stuck in a corner of the map after searching the tiles around me, I got money from both sides and couldn't move away from there again. >_< 
I came across the same issue with the silk robe as Rhino too, the princess will acknowledge that you have the robe in your inventory, but not if you are wearing it.
Apart from that. I did like the mapping (especially the old man's house), the graphics you picked for the characters were nice too and worked well with the game. The world map that you see when you click the map item was really interesting too, lots of places to explore! I thought the dialogue with the npcs was quite good too, you should try to expand a bit the conversations to do with the quests though, give it some more background.
Overall: I think this could be an interesting game, it definitely has potential and you obviously have some sort of plan going on here. But. Honestly... as a player I like to feel like I'm involved in the exploration of the game world and with the quests, that I'm guiding my hero or that he is guiding me. I didn't feel any of that here. My advice is that you need to make the game flow more smoothly (with interactions and events maybe?), find a way to show your world to the player or at least make the player want to explore your world.
Good luck with the contest! :)


This was a bit too casual for my taste so I decided not to keep on playing it, but it looks like you had fun making it! Welcome to the RPG Maker dev world! :D 

Did pick up on one or two things if you were serious enough about this game to iron out bugs. Leaving the fortune tellers transfers us in front of the hospital rather than back to the entrance of the tent. 

The princess will recognise that you've bought a silk cloak if it's in your inventory, but if you've already equipped it she won't pick up on that. 

I know you've got typos around for the lols, but it's good practise to make sure you end your dialogue with proper punctuation anyway. 

If you want to get to know other devs, hoard a collection of resources and get some general feedback/help, you might like to join the official rpg maker forums! I shamelessly plug it, but signing up here was really one of the best things I did. Everyone is so nice, I found that being around other makers helped me become more motivated to learn and make games!