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story about the corruption of systems
Submitted by gama02 — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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  • Theme

    I have no idea what is going on aside from the game throwing me into an empty map and saying “the programmer wants us to do this” without any introduction or easing. There’s also no rhyme or reason to the events in this game.


    High paced slamming all your strongest attacks and healing without much variation since the spell list is just Cure, Cura, Curaga variants. The enemies also hit very hard. Reading things suddenly attack you and right after that a boss fight. And you don’t have much healing options.


    Terrible level design for one which is just, let’s slam dirt tiles on water and let’s call it a game. The writing is extremely lazy. Everything is written in lowercase as if they just didn’t care.


    Is this a troll game?

    Total – 11/80

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RPG Maker MV

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Ah I kind of love this game but at the same time.. It drove me nuts! I thought the monsters were a bit too hard. With the 1st team in the ruins the guy with the awesome healing skills made it ok, but with the 2nd team.. the rescuer didn't rescue much because the monsters hit really hard! The random encounters were a pain too. You need to lower the frequency a bit or give the player the ability to do it. I get attacked like every 5 steps! I'm just too poor to keep healing at the hospital! XD
Personally, I hate random encounters so even though I was curious about the game and liking the cool-looking maps, I ended up giving up after a while. :( 
Btw, I would love to see some interaction with the stuff in the maps actually! It would be cool to read the thoughts of the characters on the expensive or cheap looking cars, seeing them interact with the food stalls and the stuff in the rooms, like the outfits in the shop or the odd-looking objects in the hospital, you know, just to make the world more interactive. ^^
One thing to consider.. the all-lowercase text.. It really bugged me. lol I really dislike not seeing upper and lowercase letters in sentences. Especially if sometimes you forget to use commas! XD You should go over it to check for punctuation at least, if you don't plan on changing the letter case.  Just take it as a suggestion though. 

Apart from those points I mentioned, the game looks solid. No bugs that I noticed, the first map from the ruins looked a little bit too plain for me but you made up for it after that! I love the futuristic look that the city has! It looked really cool and I loved exploring it!

Good luck with the contest and keep it up! :)