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Halloween NightView game page

A short Halloween adventure game.
Submitted by PixelPatissier (@Captain_Choco) — 10 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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    Graphics used are from asset packs and as such they fit well together. Nothing really feels out of place or clashes with the other - it all looks good. The mapping is decent, too and most of the time it's easy to see where you can go. The town has a bit of an issue with the path to the witch's house and blocked off roads but it does the job.

    The writing had a lot of issues when it came to sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. That said, it was charming in a way, and did get the ideas presented in the game across well enough. The characterisation was decent, with the main character getting almost all of what was there. The plot itself is simple but sweet and came to a good close.

    The sound was alright. There was some effort put into adding sound effects for some interactions but more would have been nice, especially ambient or atmospheric sounds. Music fit, but I can't really recall any of it. It didn't stand out in either a good or bad way.

    Gameplay consisted of collecting items through interaction.

    It was very simplistic in nature - just interact with everything and slowly piece together what interacts with what, or what you need to get an item. It was pretty basic stuff.

    It was cute and engaging enough. I enjoyed it - the character was silly but memorable and the plot was predictable but sweet. I didn't get stuck trying to figure out what to do which is what you want for a game like this. It would have been nice if it had had a bit more to do or if there was more to explore, but for what it was it was enjoyable.

    The theme seemed to be every cloud has a silver lining - where the little witch had planned to curse everyone but it did the opposite and she was left unhappy by it only to find a nice thing about it at the end. The mechanics worked well enough and didn't really need explaining or to work around the theme, being that there wasn't really much in the way of gameplay.


  • Theme

    Witch hates humans, wants to use a forbidden spell to give them a bad time. Didn’t work out.


    Just typical fetch quest game. Nothing special. Short enough that it doesn’t overstay its welcome.


    Needs polish. I can go under a mailbox, cutscene repeating when talking to objects, dog would block the exit in the pet shop, the car would face me if I talk to it in another direction and some of the mapping is weird. Some cute dialogue here and there.


    Too short for me to form an opinion.

    Total – 48/80

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Played you Game two times now, its really cute :)


This is really cute! :D


the art looks really nice


the art looks really nice