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Every flower wilts someday.
Submitted by TeamIchigo (@jazzind_) — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 13th with 17 votes

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    Graphics are a mix of different resources and RTP. Some of them stand out a bit, others work well enough. The mapping is large and basically empty. Decorations beyond just throwing some big trees around would have helped a lot. Some grass, flowers, scaling the maps down... all things that could have helped to make the outside areas less of a bland existence.

    There was an overlay. It didn't help.

    Sound was okay - nothing really helping with atmosphere but nothing jarring either. There was however voice acting which was a mixed bag. Some characters sounded better than others, and some of the VA was a bit softer than the rest too.

    Music was decent. The battle theme was nice but the rest didn't stand out in either good or bad ways. It was just there.

    Writing was decent. There weren't any errors that I can recall. The characterisation was a bit on the bland side bar one character who was incredibly obnoxious... and not in the likeable way. The story itself was a mess and the hour was up before I figured out what was going on. It really wasn't clearly presented, but that might be due to the pacing and padding making it hard to actually get to the meat of the story.

    Gameplay consisted of battles and interaction.
    You walk around large maps grabbing chests that are just laying around for no reason, then interact with characters who say something inane before heading to bed in order to skip time until the story segments occur.

    There were some additional options like a wardrobe that changed your appearance and giving some exp by reading a book.

    Battles consisted of inputting arrow key combinations to deal larger damage when attacking, skills that required either button mashing or more combination inputs to use and dying.

    The game was just badly balanced. Enemies hit very hard but you had no healing items that you could use in battle - in fact it was very easy to screw yourself over for the first boss due to not being able to find any healing items for health OR enough money to buy any (yes, there's a small pouch of Silva in the tree but the tree was broken so you couldn't get it). This meant that if you had the bad luck of looking around before finding the boss and getting into an encounter you'd be entering the boss with missing health that a skill you can miss would help alleviate only a small amount.

    And skills cost so much MP that you'd get maybe two off before having to restore MP a bit. By then your health would be almost gone and the enemy is just as fast as you. It took me 5 times to defeat that boss - the first three times I was missing health from having fought another monster beforehand, the two last times I'd had to reload from a previous save about 10 minutes earlier just to make sure I didn't go into the battle missing any health, and even then it took another game over before I finally got it.

    Then the next area has that boss as a normal enemy... when you don't have another character to help you out. You had to grind and grind around the healing point that was provided in order to slowly eke out more levels so you could survive.

    Black screen bug when climbing into the hole to get the money pouch.

    Grinding isn't fun when the junk mobs you're supposed to be grinding against can kill you in a few turns and you don't have health healing items to alleviate that. Oh, and when MP is thin on the ground (I had to reload again, to a time before I spent my money on armour, just to get a bracelet that took all my money just to have an extra 200MP to work with... and no armour.)

    This game had promise when it came to the story, but it had so much padding in the way of long battles that were annoying and large maps that you had to run through. Oh, and the walk speed in houses is beyond stupid. If I didn't have autorun on then I would have been moving at a literal crawl. Don't ever do that. I wanted to die every time I had to suffer through walking inside a house.

    The theme was I have no idea. I didn't get far enough into the story to figure that out due to the padding. I guess maybe it was something like don't judge a book by it's cover? That's the closest I can come up with that sounds about right. Maybe. It just didn't convey any real theme to the player in the hour that I played.



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Wow! I really love this! The whole look of the game is amazing. Starting with the intro! That was beautiful!!
The story looks soooo good too! Very intriguing!
I love the look of the characters (at first I didn't realize they were girls tho xD) and the maps are gorgeous. 
I like that we can get ingredients to craft potions (in the magic shop yup). I'm a crafting fanatic!
I thought the battle system looks interesting. Looks a bit complex but it's a new challenge. But I found the battles rather difficult. I felt like I missed some training sessions because the ones from when we are doing 'our rounds' were a nightmare! I died a lot at first. lol An escape option would have been good at that time. phew The orc that we fought with Neil was also really hard but I could make do somehow.. lol
Some suggestions: At times I also felt a bit lost. The quest book should have some hints about what we are doing/where we are to go.  Like right at the beginning after our first fight, I ended up not knowing where I had to go so I explored pretty much everything, when it was later time for freetime I had already seen everything.. and it was night so not a lot of people to talk about. haha I felt like the freetime I had was wasted because I just went around again checking if I had something to do. A short mission could have been good to guide us on our way home.
Another little mission suggestion - When we were doing our rounds it would have been cool to have a little hunting mission too, just to make us work for it. And so we would be more prepared for the Orc. XD
Before I forget! I came across one bug: When you crawl into that hole in the tree in the beginning and get attacked, during the fight everything is black except Grayson's hp/mp bar and after the fight I can't proceed with the game, I hear the music in the background and I can go to the menu but that's it. The only way is to restart the game.
And one more thing for you to look over: After we unlock the casual clothes, I went outside to look around and buy stuff, and then when I came back into the house later in the night when I interacted with the wardrobe there was a dialogue saying I unlocked the clothes again.

I didn't play beyond that (when you unlock the outfits) but I thought the game looked really good.
I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for the full game (or for more updated demos!).
Good luck and keep it up! :)


I really needed to see this. Thank you for saving this project.


Aww no problem! I'm glad I helped somehow!
Don't give up! It's a great project with lots of potential! :D


The voice acting gives the game an awesome effect


I want this game to stand out as much as it can. <3


this is going to be ABSOLUTELY!!! INCREDIBLE!!! AMAZING!!! Characters and story this is truly something special. :) ^^ 


Too kind, I am not worthy. <3


Omggg I love the storyy and the character designs!  


Thank you so much. <3


Love how it has voice acting!


I appreciate your kind words. <3


Cute looking game! I hope it does well!


I hope it does too. :D <3